Friday, May 11, 2012

11 May 2012 Once Upon An Enlightenment

Cassi Creek:  Over the last century, America has dabbled in establishing progressive forms of government.  We have elected leaders who understood the need for a social contract that provided safety nets for the poor and working class.  We have provided a free public education, public health networks, and unemployment and retirement insurance programs.  We did this while fighting two world wars, Vietnam, and the Cold War.  We did this while absorbing huge numbers of legal immigrants who came here wanting to become Americans. We did this while surviving a worldwide depression, a drought of legendary size and duration.  In addition, we did it while trying to overcome religious intolerance, racial bigotry, and cultural changes that broadened our acceptance of multiple minorities. 
          However, the need to discriminate lingers on in our population.  We find ways to exclude minorities from the full rights of citizenship.  We’ve allowed religious demagogues to fan the fires of intolerance, while weakening those progressive laws and regulations, which were always intended to strengthen the social contract.  The GOP/teavangelists have used their base’s collective disdain for and growing lack of education beyond 8th grade to demand that Congress pass a series of laws designed to formalize discrimination and bigotry in a manner that denies the former promise of America, the core of equal opportunity, that was the American dream.

To make matters even worse, the states which comprised the Confederacy during our Civil War, in concert with other states that preserve those same social, cultural, and political disgraces, have mounted campaigns to force the passage of similar laws, drafted and funded by corporate sponsors and churches, so that a stacked, and highly reactionary Supreme Court will ultimately find and rule for the return to pre-revolutionary conditions. 
          We are likely to replace the office of Attorney General with a Grand Inquisitor.  The purity tests are already being applied to GOP/teavangelist candidates during the 2012 elections. Can burning at the cross for heresy be far behind?

Shabbat Shalom!

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