Saturday, May 26, 2012

26 May 2012 I don’t think in pictures

          Yesterday was spent running errands in 90 °F weather.  Well, 88 + weather.  Errands mostly completed, it became time to put the pool sweep, an evil-minded device, into service again.  This is always problematic.  We are wrestling with an antiquated, increasingly crumbly conglomerate of PVC pipes, an over taxed pump that must now run 24/7 for the season, and the occasional animal that thinks it can swim all night long. 
          At 1700 yesterday, we tied in the new pool blanket.  After running the sweep until it became cantankerous this morning, we put the blanket into use.  The solar heat should now bring the water temp up to the point where the gas heater becomes more cost-effective.  The last remaining quirk, that we are aware of, is obtaining sufficient clarity for the heater optical sensor to keep the gas valve open.  We’ll probably try for ignition on Monday. 
          As for pictures, my cell phone captures images quite nicely.  The problem still remains what photos go where.  I’m uncomfortable with cloud storage and I don’t intend to share much of anything to Google circles.  The Nexus was developed with no option for exporting to my local computer files.  I may need to rent an illiterate high school dropout for lessons in communicating by photos and consensus thinking.

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