Sunday, May 13, 2012

13 May 2012 And a side of Tzadzki

Cassi Creek:
          I’ve defrosted two lamb chops for dinner tonight.  These are from a local farm and have a bit more fat on them than I would consider acceptable if I were paying grocery store prices.  They beg an introduction to charcoal after some judicious trimming and seasoning.    The weather, windy with intermittent rain, suggests that unless I wish to serve cold and fat-laden lamb, it would be wise to cook indoors this evening. 
          I challenged the weather forecast yesterday in order to grill blue cheese burgers and fresh corn for dinner.  I won, barely.  I doubt that I would be as lucky today.
          We’re still in thrall to the IV meds schedule. By the time the morning dose in infused it is too late to crawl back into bed.  The afternoon dose leaves time for a nap but that time is best used to prep and cook dinner.  The night dose leaves no time for anything but trying to stay awake long enough to go to sleep.  However, we are fortunate that we can handle the medication.  It would be quite a lot worse if we had to take Gloria in for outpatient infusions on the same schedule.
          Enough elemental bitching.  Dinner beckons.

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