Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2 May 2012 It may be wrong, but imagine how good it must feel!

On bin Laden anniversary, Obama, Romney campaigns come out swinging
Posted by Felicia Sonmez at 11:12 AM ET, 05/01/2012
            “ one year later, with the presidential campaigns in full swing, the Navy SEAL operation that killed the al-Qaeda leader has found its way to the center of a quickly intensifying political battle between Obama and the GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney (R)…
            “… sparring over the Obama campaign video comes as some influential voices — including former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — have spoken out against politicizing the raid that killed bin Laden.
            “I do worry a great deal that this time of year that somehow this gets spun into election politics,” Mullen said in an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams set to air Wednesday night. “I can assure you that those individuals who risk their lives — the last thing in the world that they want is to be spun into that. So I’m hoping that that doesn’t happen.”

Cassi Creek:  
          As do McCain and Mullen, I sincerely hope that the men and women engaged in the defense of this nation,  do not find their selves becoming politicized by the various political machines and campaigns that saturate the media with just such unjustifiable behavior.
          Every POTUS I can recall since FDR has trucked off to the then-current battlefields for planning, instruction, morale, or other purposes.  Of course, it is political in nature.  Everything a first-term POTUS does is political.  Obama is behaving just as Bush did when the opportunity presented.  He is combining his formal job with campaigning.  As a sitting president, his appearance in a combat theater is a huge morale booster for troops who have had to withstand multiple deployments.  Promising them support as they return home addresses the realities they all know they will face.  For those taking off their uniform to retire or to return to a nearly non-existent job market. Those promises may not be easy to fulfill.  Congress will have to get off its collective ass and work for something, for a change.  The economic conditions that nearly blew the world economy apart are still uncorrected – the same people who did the damage are still able to manipulate the financial system.  They will pay their puppet Congress to preserve the status quo. 
          In the meantime, the troops should be off limits to the propaganda machines.  No elected official and no candidate should involve active duty or reserve troops in campaign ads. 
          Coming back to the political cartoon above – it may be low class to gloat about this matter.  But after sitting mostly quiet while the GOP/teavangelists belittled and blocked every effort Obama has made, it must feel wonderful to be able to rub their noses in it.  Where can we buy one of those t-shirts?


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