Friday, December 9, 2011

9 December 2011 Gee! That roast looks good!

8 DEC More odds and ends from the Earth Fare coffee shop:
            It is December, thus the annual hunt for the annual rib roast.  2012 will be upon us sooner than seems possible.  To properly acknowledge the event we’ve acquired two splits of Veuve Clicot Ponsardin champagne to toast the visible movement of a clock hand and one excellent two-bone standing rib roast to convince our palates that the event merits celebration. 
            Gloria is in class at 1500 and I’m in the coffee shop at Earth Fare waiting her summons or 1600, which ever arrives first.
            Earth Fare is a truly dangerous place for a foody.
They sell hard to find and truly delectable foods.  I could happily spend a day in their cheese shop armed with a knife and a loaf of sourdough and a baguette or two.  They have seafood too!  To truly understand the significance of that sentence you must have grown up where I did and then live for some time on the coast prior to moving back inland.  I grew up in Missouri, a state with no natural lakes and few cold-water fisheries not secondary to flood control dams. Seafood, when I was young was breaded, then frozen, shrimp.  It usually arrived fried to the consistency and flavor of cardboard.  The other option was also served fried.  Catfish was found in the streams and ponds.  Its abundance was made less welcome by the tendency of the fish to uptake the flavor characteristics of the water it live in.  Think muddy, algae-ridden, as the base flavors and you’ll be close. 
When I moved east to marry Gloria I was exposed to an abundance of fresh seafood including blue crabs.  Little of it was served fried.  Our stay in Florida brought more options to our menu.  I’ve had the chance to enjoy fish and seafood I’ve only read about until my middle age. 
Now we live in North Eastern Tennessee.  With modern processing and transport methods good seafood is available even here. However, we have made it our practice to take notice of consumer information and avoid any seafood touched in any manner by China. 
It would be lovely to have a bushel or so of blue crabs to steam.  They could be safely trucked in on ice.  But there is no apparent market for crabs here.  There is simply no market for any fresh seafood from outside the region among much of the populace.  Gloria believes a road-side truck sale would be met with open arms and wallets.  I contend that the traditional foods and the fried food from fish and chip fast-food shops are the only marketable item for 95% of the populace we see daily.  Tradition drives diet here just as strongly as it does any other ethnic group.  We’ll be making latkes this year even though we are far from any bastion of Red Sea Pedestrians.  
9 December 2011 follow-on
I should mention that I had a great phone call yesterday from my sister Suzanne.  She’s getting close to having her new kitchen completed.  She’s had a rough year, including the death of her husband, Ernie.  Between work and repairs, she’s finding her way back to the life she deserves.
I left Earth Fare yesterday with a pretty little 2 rib roast that was on sale.  By using a coupon randomly assigned last week, I wound up paying only $6.00 for it.  Two other coupons gained us 2 1-lb packages of fresh ground chuck.  Sometimes it is worth the danger to gain the prize. 
anderson drone down 7 dec 11.jpg

I’m troubled greatly by the loss of our recon platform to Iran.  I haven’t seen any images that indicate it was shot down.  Somehow, it lost control lock and auto landed or was taken over by some opposing nation’s agents and landed.  Either option is “double plus ungood.”  I have no trouble believing that China was somehow involved in any successful control takeover.  There is most likely a team of Chinese engineers and programmers waiting to disassemble the drone and then reverse engineer their way to a copy that China can fly and market to our enemies less technologically advanced. 
For further consideration:
Iran responsible for 1998 U.S.
By Marc A. ThiessenPublished: December 8
“It went virtually unnoticed (and unreported by this newspaper), but last week a federal court found the government of Iran liable for the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.”
          In a very real manner of speaking, we are already at war with Iran. 
While we need to contain Iran, it should be a United Nations effort.  Nuclear weapons in the hands of religious fundamentalists with martyrdom recruits standing by is not good for any nation.  Yet we lack the troop strength and the financial capability to fight another Christian crusader-driven war for oil. 
Ideas anyone?

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