Monday, December 19, 2011

19 December 2011 Dark and cold at 0500

          The 0500 alarm was brutal this morning.  I had a VA appointment that required an 0800 check in.  The parking lot dance added a 15-minute penalty to the arrival time.  I found a spot just meters from the check in office (2nd floor Bldg 8 very steep steps), presented myself at the appropriate desk t.  The clerk took 45 seconds to log me in and point me down and out.  Hike to Bldg 160.  Join the check in queue and check in again.  Off to the waiting room, Fox News blaring.  Surprise!
          The old blue team check in and waiting areas are being renovated. Wait, Wait, Wait.
          PTSD interview.  Wound up giving the psychiatrist a steer to a knish bakery that will send them to him here.  Never hurts to have common food interests.  We both miss pastrami. 
          Interview over, hike to main hospital and stand in line to get compensation for travel form.  Fill out form and stand in line to exchange it for cash.  Not quite the group W bench – no pencils and I look to be the healthiest person standing.  Hike back to car, drive to library, drop books.
          The Earth Fare freebie is a chicken salad that Gloria likes.  Later this week we’ll go back and look at another rib roast; they’re on sale for about 4 more days. 
          The rest of today is scheduled for fire wood relocation, stove cleaning, and trying not to doze off at the wrong time.  Tomorrow is penciled for mailbox repairs.

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