Thursday, December 29, 2011

29 December 2011 2011 best, worst, lists, this, that, and other.

          Every network news program, every local station news team, and every print journalist has assembled and published in some form the inevitable list of something for year’s end. 
          I can think back over the year and list memorable bowls of soup, best walks with the dog, darkest black humor political cartoon, best steak, best seafood, and many other items.  I’ll spare anyone who might read this. 
          By far, the weather extremes that we experienced were the worst of the year.  27-28 April’s tornados were the worst event and “absolute low point” for the year, locally.  Other regions of the nation may vary as to date and event.  Weather, however, and its direct consequences, takes the bottom rung. 
          Fortunately, we survived the tornados with minimal discomfort, minimal inconvenience, and no personal harm.  That ranks high in any list I can compose. 
          The high mark for the year is that Gloria and I remain happily, joyfully passionately in love and solidly married.  We began 2011 in that condition and will begin 2012 in the same state. 
          Perhaps the best thing about the year’s end is that we have only 10 months of political campaigning left before the next Presidential election.  The year has been awash with the idiocy of Palin, Bachman, Perry, Gingrich, and Paul.  Each one has been trying to outplay the others at the social conservative/religious mania component of the campaign.  The evangelicals/GOP/teavangelists are all trying to Christianize the nation and remove any citizens who won’t kiss someone’s cross, bible, or segregation/deportation plan. 
          The hope for 2012 is the removal of Grover Norquist (doomed to abjectivity by his very name) from his control of the GOP/teavangelists. 
          Pho for dinner tonight. 
          The day is clear, chilly, and will cool down markedly tonight.  

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