Friday, December 23, 2011

23 December 2011 Couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

Cassi Creek:
          The true nature of the GOP emerges on camera.  Here’s hoping that they have dug their selves a deep enough hole to keep them exposed during the coming elections.

Cassi Creek:
          I’ve written a lot about the mercenary corporations growing fat from this war while our troops are under-paid and under-valued.  If the corporate contractors and the private armies now find they are targeted by Iraqis, I have no sympathy.  The mercenaries have put their selves in positions that they thought removed them from legal action by Iraq.  So sorry, guys, your greed and your willingness to let international corporate pirates use you may well be your downfall. 
          If you wind up in some Iraqi prison, Uncle Sugar has no reason to come to your aid.  You built your bunkers…

Drug testing for welfare, unemployment insurance, workman’s comp – State legislator wants these to “reduce fraud.”
Cassi Creek:
          I have serious concerns regarding this proposal.  Most likely the legislator in question has no idea of how expensive accurate drug testing, from sample collection through final reporting is; and how inaccurate improperly performed drug testing is.  
          This is not a quicky drugstore yes or no procedure that can be taught to a high school dropout office temp.   If done properly the collection process will be observed and a valid chain of custody initiated.  The serious nature of this process should demand that any such analysis for abused drugs should conform to those regulations already in place for workplace injuries, incidents, and employment by transportation agencies.  Anything less is simply wasting money by allowing essentially worthless procedures by un-trained and un-licensed employees. 
          The myth of millions of people not working due to government money allowing them to stay stoned at taxpayer expense is just that, a myth.  What’s next, required church attendance?

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