Saturday, December 3, 2011

3 December 2011 Campus is just around the corner

Literally!  Campus is just around the corner instead of being 28 miles from our home. 
          I’m in the biannual process of deciding what classes to audit at ETSU.  In the interest of economy I try to find two classes that meet closely enough to permit me to audit both without spending all day on campus.  I look for two, as I want to avoid 90 minutes of driving for 55 minutes of classroom time.  This current semester I found a class that overlapped Gloria’s studio time.  That’s not an option in spring 2012.  
          The classes I would most like to audit either meet on opposite schedules (MWF vs. T TH so that auditing both would be five days on campus for short classroom periods.  Not really the best plan if economy is a concern. 
          Finally, looking at Anthropology, I found a course on Appalachian Folk Medicine that might be fun.  Gloria also pointed me toward a Folk Music course.  I’m currently registered in both of those. Folk Medicine meets MWF at 1025, for 55 minutes.   However, I have no idea when the Folk Music class will meet.  A query to the professor returned the information that the course will be “entirely on line.”  Unless they plan to stream older lectures and performances, I’m really uncertain as to how this will be done.  I don’t know if there will be a common class period with all students on line simultaneously, or if we are each to work through an online series of lectures and tests/written responses.  I’m hoping that it will be something that makes auditing worth my time.  I’d prefer to minimize the written aspects as it is becoming increasingly difficult to use a keyboard accurately. 
          I’m really beginning to hate seeing a string of letters when my left hand won’t respond quickly enough to limit my input to the single character I want.  Last week it required four attempts at a drive-up ATM to input the amount I wanted to withdraw without adding another column to the withdraw total. 
          The weather is bright, breezy, and not terribly cold.  Wood for the next fire is inside.  Loki’s guarding the house against an incursion of squirrels.  It is a good day to be here.
          It would be an even better day without the specter of Gingrich as POTUS due to the Nixon-Reagan southern strategy. 

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