Friday, December 30, 2011

30 December 2011 What really changed over the past year?

Election campaign- no change – interminable since the day after Election Day 2008
Foreign policy – no change from last December
Domestic policy –
          Teavangelists - teavangelists still have too much control of Congress
          Global warming – POTUS candidates still deny it exists
          GOP candidates – same band of incompetents in thrall to extreme Christian right
          Occupy Wall Street – new since last winter, no clear goals.    
          Education – Still very poor schools – largely due to “local” control by right- wingers
          Health care – insurance companies still raking it in and denying care t many Americans.
Iraq war – Over except for mercenaries and other private contractors.
Afghanistan war – no real change, no real hope of change
Iran – heating up at several levels
Arab “spring” – those revolutions that deposed dictators are now likely to install new dictators.  Names change tribalism and sectarian fights continue

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