Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20 December 2011 How does that song go?

20 December 2011  How does that song go?
          Often associated with The Grateful Dead’s “Uncle john’s Band,” it pops up more often than I care to admit.  The memory I’ve always relied upon to win trivia games and to pull arcane from the black holes of long-ago textbooks and lectures, is beginning to look more like Emmentaler than like densely packed and deeply structured Cheddar.  I keep hoping to be picked for Jeopardy.  I take all the online tests, monitor the official website, and yet I am forced to admit that should I be chosen to play I might find myself less able to compete than previously.  Of course, a category about sports (team athletics), Opera, or theater would likely do me in without any self-driven assassination.  Those questions all have only one shared answer – “that Russian.”
          Of course, during yesterday’s interview I passed the short-term recall (remember these four words) portion of the day’s activity.  I also provided spatial-temporal awareness information upon request and passed the neurological count forward/count backward/ name these forward and backward. 
          Today’s Herculanean labor was to scoop out a 2-foot deep hole to set the new mailbox post.  Using a short shovel and a VietNam era E-tool, I made the necessary hole in the former rock-filled creek bed that is our land.  I’m still about 4 inches to shallow but it may be easier to remove those 4 inches from the new post than to deepen the hole any further.  Both shoulders are protesting the activity already. 
          In passing, Chag Chanukah Sameach!

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