Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7 December 2011 Pearl Harbor plus 70

          70 years after the attack Japan is our ally in the Pacific, a major trading partner, and manufactures excellent electronics and very good cars.  S. Korea is moving into the car market as well. 
          Our veterans of WWII are vanishing rapidly at the rate of 1000/day.  Vietnam veterans have moved into the on-deck slot and are perishing at about 300/day now.  Korean War vets are lost in the haze and smoke of a war that most Americans may not even remember. 
          It is raining on Cassi Creek.  The temperature, currently hovering around 48-49 °F will fall through the afternoon and we will likely get snow tonight. 
          I am scheduled to have cortisone injections in both shoulders this afternoon.  That may afford me 7-10 days of relatively less pain and greater ease in dressing myself.  
          The 1.6 inches of rain received in the last 24 hours has done nothing to alleviate the weather related discomfort that comes with cold fronts, wind, and precipitation.  We will light the wood stove tonight.
          Tomorrow, if it is dry, I need to work on setting up thermostatic controllers for the lamps we use to keep the well filters from freezing. 
          Nothing more than odds and ends comes to mind today.  How things have changed in the last 70 years.  Now our fallen heroes slip away with little notice and we watch the process from an ever more distant point of no concern on the part of too much of our population.

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