Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 December 2011 From the belly of the dance

          Last night was a dance night in Jonesborough.  As a fundraiser, some sort of silent auction was staged.  The resultant effect upon us was that we had to check in at 1800 rather than 1900.  To surmount the dinner schedule problem due to the time change we picked up sandwiches with Cuban rice and beans on the way in. We split one meal between us before the dance actually began. 
          Yesterday saw the “suspension” of the Herman Cain candidacy for POTUS.  His inability to refrain from serial infidelity, a series of harassment complaints, and blatant lies in denial to the press toppled him as surely, as if he’d been run over by a locomotive. 
          There was a certain satisfaction in watching the facial expressions as he tried yet one more time to sell his line of bull, blaming the media and everyone but himself for his fall from candidacy.  I’ve only seen jaw muscles that tight on other politicians who skewered their careers on their own genitalia; and on the rare case of tetanus.  It looked as if one could flick his jaw with a finger and watch flesh shatter like ice in a blender.  His political career is over.  It is as unlikely that he will ever hold high office as it is that his wife actually has “forgiven” him for his serial affairs and encounters. 
          This change puts more support behind Gingrich.  There is no more worth or honesty in Gingrich than in Cain.  Both are philanderers and both have been caught in extramarital relationships that, while not illegal, demonstrate an immense moral gap from what they, and their party, profess to believe in.  Gingrich was forced from the Speaker of the House position when his book deal was found to be illegal.  To avoid going to trial he resigned and left Congress while still denying his guilt.   
The current campaign finds him demonstrating all over how unethical and how corrupt he is.  To diminish his past he has followed the Nixon-Reagan-Bush southern strategy.  He’s playing to a base that is racist, xenophobic, and steeped in Christian fundamentalist evangelism. His targeted base is also ready to cut funding for education and finds antagonism toward education, toward knowledge in general, to be of no concern.  After all, who in their right mind would ever need to know more about any subject than what they could be taught in the splendid public schools of Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, or Arkansas?  Palin’s former supporters should have no problem swallowing the lies and hatred Gingrich spews at every opportunity. 
          It must be noted that both Cain and Gingrich have used the same ploys to overcome their public transgressions.  Both, after initially lying about their affairs, finally admitted to at least partial guilt.  Both blamed everyone else for their errors.  Both dragged their wives – latest wife for Gingrich- into the glare of television to publically absolve them of their “sins”  Gingrich went so far as to place patriotism as the reason he violated his marriage vows while insisting that “marriage” be protected from people like himself.  Finally, both played a “Jesus forgives me” ploy.  It seems that what worked for Gingrich, supported by his teavangelists in their lily-white churches, has not proved effective for Cain.  From this, we may conjecture as to whether the Jesus of white U.S. southern teavangelists is possessed of more power and authority than is the Jesus of black America with its liberation theology and its buy in to the prosperity gospel to justify the lifestyles of many preachers who practice so as to maximize personal profit rather than teach from prophets.
          Today, Cain and Cain supporters are attacking the media for “bringing a good man down.”  This is more than just a bit amusing.  Anyone running for public office is inviting the world to look into their life, to dig up all the illegal things that one did, to use one’s history against one in any manner that can be legally accomplished.  I’m puzzled at the arrogance of men like Cain who believe that they can hide their past from a million laptops running searches for those things a candidate would rather not see exposed.  Once you first access the internet, privacy is forever after, an illusion.  The media did not “bring Cain down.”  Cain, and his inability to avoid extramarital affairs, brought Cain down. 
          I’m equally puzzled by the accusing women who bring forth their part in the tale.  For those claiming harassment and/or assault, I can understand that they may be interested in revenge for being subjected to such ill treatment.  If settlement money exchanged hands, the corporations involved were wrong to manage and fund a cover-up.   Were I one of them, I’d be all too happy to reveal the moral shortcomings of a Presidential hopeful.   Yet someone such as Ginger White has little to gain by exposing her part in a long running arrangement that cast her essentially as Cain’s mistress.  In addition, I would expect the major media companies to begin a verification process immediately upon hearing her initial admission. 
          Once again, an American politician is rendered unsuitable for office.  Such unsuitability is not so much due to sexual adventures beyond the marriage bed that the GOP/teavangelists presume to sanctify and promise to protect from heathens, infidels, homosexuals, lesbians, and others supposedly banned by both white and black Jesus.  The culprits all think that they are smarter than they are that they can lie to the American public and not become caught in the lie.  If the candidates like Cain and Gingrich can find a way to limit the franchise of American women, they can get a pass from the good old boys in the red states as long as they admit their guilt and play the Jesus card.

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