Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July 2013 Time rushes on

Cassi Creek:  the morning presented with a partly cloudy sky and humidity that was palpable.  Today is supposed to be relatively rain free.  We can use some dry days to let me catch up with the yard.  There is, of course, mowing and trimming to accomplish. 
          Beyond the hike with Mike, today has been consumed, so far, by a series of phone calls that are necessary to have the Pathfinder repaired, the guttering completed, and the replacement pool heater installed.  I’ve spent half the morning on hold or redialing numbers. 
          If Vincent DeMaio is to testify today, I’d like to see and hear him.  He is a recognized authority in the field of Forensic firearms/gunshot wounds investigations.  But the rest of the defense witnesses will simply be called in an attempt to justify the killing of an unarmed 17 year old. 
          The year has flown by to this point.  It hardly seems possible that it is July.  The apparent compression of time seems to manifest more with each passing year.  The years before I met Gloria dragged interminably.  The years since I met Gloria have flown by too rapidly. 
          We are still waiting for some word from VA about agent orange/Parkinson’s compensation.  The palliative effects of the medication I take are noticeable but short-lived so that I wake up about 12 hours after my evening meds and exhibit more pronounced symptoms than I do after my morning and afternoon meds.  The delay at the VA level is problematic.  The disease/disorder is treatable but not, as of yet, curable.  The future is easily visualized.  Only the nature of the journey is uncertain.
          “And the leaves that are green turn to brown.”

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