Sunday, July 28, 2013

28 July 2013 I can’t put that loud hailer where I’d like to put it.

Cassi Creek:  Despite early morning rain, we went to Asheville for the final day of what may have been the final BelleChere festival.  The rain held off, allowing a pleasant drive over and back. 
          We wandered around the festival area, trying to avoid being knocked down by any of countless baby strollers. We were fortunate to find a parking spot close in to the main festival area. 
          Everyone seemed to be on good behavior except for a nest of evangelical Christians who had occupied a corner and were threatening all attendees with hellfire and damaged hearing.  The crowd in that area was vehemently opposed to the message and the medium.  It would have been one matter if the thumpers had spread their message in a normal voice.  The loudhailer they were using was actually louder than the bass guitar noise emanating from two nearby stages. 
          There was on scuffle at that corner when a member of the crowd tried to unplug the loudhailer.  However annoying the noise and the arrogance of the supposedly saved, they do have a right to voice their opinion.  Given the number of cops on foot patrol, I can only assume that the local noise ordinance allows for such volume. 
          We had an early dinner, sashimi for Gloria, Pho for me, gathered up the leftovers and wandered around about another half hour.  As the vendors were tearing down and as we were getting tired, we slogged back to the Pathfinder.  The thumpers were still hard at it.  I doubt they made any converts today.  Their presence, though legal, and their endlessly repetitive ranting angered a great many passersby. 
          We were stopped several times by women wanting to know where we bought our trekking poles and where we could get parts for them.  Given the topography of Asheville, those poles did yeoman’s service today.

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