Monday, July 22, 2013

22 July 2013 Doctor, what’s ailin’ me?

          The GOP/teavangelists are determined that they will sabotage the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 
          Yes, I said “sabotage.”  The unholy alliance of the ultra-wealthy, the ultra-fundamentalist, and the basically bigoted is doing everything that they can to prevent the inclusion of poor and working poor Americans in the lists of those with health insurance.  Failing to block it in the formal voting, they now schedule symbolic votes – costing about 1.5 million dollars per event in an effort to keep the teavangelists voting with the GOP loyalists instead of taking their particular brand of anti-everything governmental off into an attempt to form a working third party.  Fortunately, it appears as if they lack a sufficient base of anti-intellectuals, bigots, and anti-immigrants to forge a viable voting populace. 
          There may be some states that should be invited to leave the union until such time as they realize that education based upon STEM courses instead of rightwing religious mythology is essential to the future of this nation.  These same states should be made to understand that the social safety nets benefit the populace, which may come to include those red staters who find that the economic plans they supported being applied to other citizens are not nearly so viable or accurate when they begin to feel those effects personally. 
          Here’s the major message for today.  The time devoted for physicians and patients to discuss end of life options should be billable time.  Physicians should be able to initiate the discussion while the patient is lucid and capable of evaluating all options.  Such a discussion is no more a “death panel” than Sarah Palin is able to speak English without butchering the language. 

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