Wednesday, July 17, 2013

17 July 2013 Looks like rain feels like rain

Cassi Creek:  Another day spent waiting for the gutter company to show up. 
          Another day spent waiting for the heating and cooling company to pick up the pool heater.  We may have found an alternate means of getting it here.  I certainly hope so. 
          Gloria’s medical appointment was typical for the times; we were there on time and the physician was late.  We had hoped to be home from Johnson City by 1400 or so.  We did well to walk in the door at 1500 after grabbing lunch and shopping for groceries and other items at three different stores. 
          The mountains were cloaked in dense haze and clouds by the time we headed out of town.  The NWS posted a severe thunderstorm warning that did not include us.  However, the storm involved was heading our way with an echo top of 29,000 feet, big for here.  As I write this, we hear distant thunder and have been for an hour.  The cluster of thunderstorm cells is still heading our way but there are still no watches or warnings posted for our small part of the world.
          Surprisingly, the high temperature for the day, recorded at 1503, was 78.5 °F.  It was, or at least felt as if it was, a good 10-15 degrees higher.  Looking at the radar, I can’t believe we won’t get some rain.  But since the general precipitation track is westward today, the mountains may tear the cells apart as they ride the high pressure inward toward the Mississippi valley.  Or, listening to the rumbles of thunder grow louder, they may cross the eastern divide with sufficient cohesion to open up the clouds as if they had zippers.

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