Sunday, July 7, 2013

7 July 2013 Release the hounds

Cassi Creek:  Or, release the hound!  We’ve only the single dog, Loki.  She’s recovered very well from being bitten by an un-seen venomous snake.  She has resumed all her prior activities and now pulls anti-squirrel duties again. 
          Gloria has an array of bird feeders in the back yard that are greatly tempting to the local tree rat population.  She has provided them their own squirrel feeder, but they apparently view that as backup or dessert.  The five recognizable residents have managed to circumvent all the anti-squirrel devices and tactics we apply. 
          Loki will lie in the office and look out at the platform feeder.  In the game she has developed for her own amusement, the squirrels may visit any part of the deck, except the platform feeder, with only limited response from Loki.  Once they leap onto the platform feeder, she is up, jumping at the door, barking to announce the intruder(s). 
          At that point, one of us will let her out the door.  The squirrels take off in five different directions as Loki tears a path out and off the deck.  She has to decide which one of the five to follow as they flee for the safety of trees.  When she comes back inside, she is always quite pleased with her performance.  The squirrels seem to enjoy the game as well.  They will usually return within 15-30 minutes to start the whole process over again.

          The Asiana 214 crash at SFO has mostly supplanted the Zimmerman trial in today’s news.  I must admit that I am interested in hearing the defense’s expert witness, Vincent J.M. DiMaio, M.D.  He wrote:
Gunshot Wounds
Practical Aspects
Of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques
Second Edition
He is a nationally known expert in this field.  I suspect that his testimony will rapidly demonstrate that the prosecution’s witness, Dr. Bao is poorly qualified and of limited competency. 
          Stand by for lots of inane commentary from the cable newsreaders.

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