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21 July 2013 GOP spends $60 million on symbolic repeals.

21 July 2013  GOP spends $60 million on symbolic repeals.

According to ThinkProgress, each vote by the GOP-controlled House of Representatives to repeal of Obamacare costs taxpayers approximately $1.5 million, depending upon the time spent preparing and voting on the bill. This latest attempt by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his republican associates brings the total spent on repeal bills which they know will never be enacted up to almost $60 million.

From the Office of Phil Roe M.D. TN 1st (R)  dated 17 July 2013

“…Last week the administration announced that it would delay the employer mandate by one year. This decision does nothing to help the individuals that are still being forced to carry health insurance because of this law and there’s no way to guarantee it will reverse the damage that has already been done because of this law. This week the House will take action to delay both the employer and individual mandate. I look forward to seeing the same enthusiasm to protect families by delaying the individual mandate as we saw from President Obama when his administration took steps to protect businesses.
This delay is a step in the right direction towards protecting the American people from an economic catastrophe, but we can’t stop here. Obamacare is bad medicine for America, and the only cure is a full repeal.”
The Congressman has called for a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  The GOP and its teavangelist compatriots have made 39 attempts in Congress to repeal the law.  They have nothing to replace the law except to remain with the current status and to support a broken system that enriches insurance companies and their executives while denying care to many of the insured Americans whose premiums have secured them only minimalist care before landing them in poverty.
From the office of Senator Alexander  (R)  20 July 2013
. Last week, Senator Corker joined all Senate Republicans in a letter to President Obama urging him to permanently delay the implementation of the health care law.”
          The GOP has long been in the pocket of the health insurance industry.  The salaries and benefits packages that the industry CEO’s pull down are more obscenely over-inflated.  Any major health insurance CEO has an hourly compensation rate that is more than twice what my yearly income is, or ever was.  The attempt to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act – Obamacare – is not only an attempt to marginalize the Obama presidency, a GOP goal since 2008, but also a means to assure that the health insurance lobbyists keep the re-election funding coming in while the health insurance industry CEO’s draw their ever increasing compensation packages.
          The thing that I find most frustrating about the health insurance and other health matters such as women’s health is that those members of Congress who are physicians should know that the GOP lack of any plan to replace Obamacare would only exacerbate the method of health care non-delivery we currently enjoy.  The number of uninsured will grow exponentially.  Employers will cancel employee coverage, as is already happening due to the ever-escalating cost of health insurance combined with the spiraling number of insured who are being denied benefits after paying premiums for years. 
          States will continue to undermine women’s health care.  They will disregard any science-based concerns while once again allowing physicians who should know better to advance religion-based suppositions and misinformation as if they were proven science. 
          Unable defeat Obamacare in reality, the GOP continues to waste taxpayer money by staging repeated “symbolic” repeal votes.  These are estimated to cost $1.5 million per incident.  That’s nearly $60 million for the 39 attempts to overturn reality.  Someone in the GOP caucus needs to remind the caucus and leadership that the definition of insanity:” doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." –Einstein.
            Doctor Roe, how about pushing for a dose of reality instead of simply rubber stamping the waste of $60 million by the actions of people who want to role the calendar back to the antebellum period.  While they are so engaged, maybe they can vote germ theory out of existence too.  After all that’s one way to deal with multiply resistance bacteria, pretend they don’t exist, that there is no scientific fact supporting their existence. 
            Further proof of a GOP that has no health care plan beyond “Get sick – die quick”  is the GOP/teavangelist willingness to waste money on symbolic votes while demanding the poorest and most vulnerable citizens in the nation, including many veterans and active duty personnel be stripped of their meager safety nets already damaged by the “sequester.”

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