Thursday, July 18, 2013

18 July 2013 Don’t throw the phone

Cassi Creek:
          The urge to hurl the phone at someone or something is strong today.  It is only 1030.  At least an hour has been consumed this morning checking VA websites and downloading physician notes.  The American Legion service officer I spoke with Monday and today, tells me that the fast-track application should have been handled in 2-3 months at most.  The whole point of the fast-track plan was to simplify and accelerate handling of those agent orange related claims that carry proof of service in VietNam, service in areas where agent orange was used, and one or more of the deemed disorders/diseases.  He intends to dig as deeply as he can.  The next step, if nothing positive surfaces, may well be me being forced to contact the office of a Congressman whom I really detest. 
          The pool heater remains undelivered and will likely be undelivered for some time.  We are currently hoping to find someone with a pickup to help us move the heater from Greeneville to Chuckey. 
          Then there is the matter of an ophthalmology visit billed incorrectly to insurance, resulting in an erroneous charge for Gloria’s annual retinopathy exam and the subsequent misapplication of the co-pay for a follow-on visit.  The billing clerk Gloria spoke to was sufficiently unhelpful that Gloria hung up in mid conversation and chose to call her Medicare provider.  If you’ve dealt with an insurer lately, you know what the frustration levels are. 

That’s three of our four cordless phones that narrowly escaped injury today.  Fortunately, the cell phones are secondary systems while we are at home. 

          Yesterday’s promise of rain gave way to a major storm that followed us by about 90 minutes.  By 1700, widespread flood and thunderstorm warnings were posted for nearly every place around us.  Some of the localities received over 5 inches of rain in about 2-3 hours.  We clocked about 0.25 inches of rain, little wind, but lots of lightning.  I put dinner together during a long episode of power sags and dropouts.  I expected that we would lose power – many localities did – but we escaped that problem.  Today promises more of the same weather.  Friday, Saturday, & Sunday promise even warmer temperatures with increased probability of thunderstorms.  Hope we have enough phones to throw.

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