Thursday, July 25, 2013

25 July 2013 Fast track to nowhere

Cassi Creek:  We are now in the 10th month since filing for Agent Orange/Parkinson’s compensation with Veterans Affairs. 
          I filed online via the Fast Track website established for Agent Orange claims.  Supposedly, the delay time was to be minimal compared to the routine procedure.  There is also an E-benefits website for VA that apparently has information about claim status.  However, that site repeatedly tells me that information on open claims is not available.  So there is no way to track claim progress on the E-benefit site. 
          Further annoying, the Fast Track program and site are being shut down by VA.  Logging onto that site has always been futile, as the status request has always returned the same response, “Claim in development” 
          The American Legion veteran’s service officer for the state has made a few phone calls but he gets little more, if any, information than I do. 
          So we sit and wait for the mail, hoping to find some reason to celebrate. 

          It is unconscionable to treat the nation’s veterans in such a shabby manner.   

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