Wednesday, July 24, 2013

24 July 2013 Where’s the dog star

Cassi Creek:  The rain continues.  This may well be the wettest year we’ve spent here. 
          The nightly overcast and the thunderstorms that dance around the various fronts that sweep in and stall our make it nearly impossible to see the night sky with the major features.  So far, we’ve missed the last several meteor showers, a comet or two, and the migration of the planets around the sky.  While the night sky here is much more visible than the sky in Florida.  The light pollution is still much worse than we had hoped.  With Johnson City to our northeast and Greeneville to our west, there are some nights when there is no luck finding the seasonal features at all. 
          While this is the wrong season to see Sirius in the northern hemisphere, it will return in another couple months.  With it, Orion, as we ramp up for hunting season.  There is a wealth of information to be found on the site, Earth Sky.
          The Dog Star, not Sirius, came to mind today when we were infested with beagles which belong up valley according to their collars but which may be running with a pack downstream.  Like most dogs, they decided to mark territory.  Loki was not amused.  Gloria decided to herd the beagles up valley.  That went somewhat well until Loki got close enough to growl one into a rapid ascent toward the up valley compound.  The other got too close to a neighbors Newfoundland and then left under yelping duress.   

John Perry Barlow penned the song “Lost Sailor” for Bob Weir to sing.
Compass card is spinning, helm is swinging to and fro
Oh, where is the dog star, oh, where's the moon.
You're a lost sailor, been away too long at sea.”

Clear skies, calm winds, good viewing for tonight’s sky.


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