Monday, March 31, 2014

31 March 2014 We didn’t know at all we didn’t see a thing

Cassi Creek:  Sunny, up to 57°F by 1124.  I’d like to be done with feeding and caring for the wood stove for a while.  Last night’s midnight  feeding was still actively burning at 0700 today.  Since there was frost on the decks I tossed another couple pieces of split wood onto the coals.  The stove is still providing more heat than we need in the office.  I don’t plan on burning wood tonight.
          The article below suggests that the total deaths resulting from the Holocaust must be updated. As hard as that may be to believe, we have little reason to doubt the new numbers.  It also documents the wide-spread refusal to speak up about such atrocities.
Not for the faint of heart
New Holocaust Discoveries

“…The unspeakable crime of the 20th century, more than the triumph of evil, was the sin of the "innocent" bystander.

“It wasn't just the huge killing centers whose very names - Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Majdanek, Belzec, Ravensbruck, Sobibar, Treblinka - bring to mind the ghastly images by now so familiar to us. It wasn't just the Warsaw ghetto. It wasn't just the famous sites we've all by now heard of that deservedly live on in everlasting infamy.

“Researchers at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have just released documentation that astounds even the most informed scholars steeped in the previously known statistics of German atrocities. Here is some of what has now been conclusively discovered:

“There were more than 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe from 1933 to 1945…”

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