Friday, March 21, 2014

21 March 2014 You know we can’t hide

Cassi Creek:  Climate change, right here in River City
That starts with T, which rhymes with C, and that stands for….  Those of you who know the lyric can apply your own ending to this line.  In conjunction with Toles fine cartoon, it seems appropriate to add another voice.

(note – this is the final performance of this song by the Grateful Dead. 10 July 1990.   Brent Mydland died of an overdose 19 days later.)

From another retrospect:  Last night we went to a performance by Caravan of Thieves.  I highly recommend this band
Their first set was a very nice cover of the entire Sgt Pepper’s album.  Tremendous energy, had the crowd in their hand from the first note.  Midway through the set, I looked behind me  and got an impossible to prevent flash of the stereotypical PBS pledge drive programming with gray-headed boomers singing along to an aging reunion band.  Couldn’t shake the image but there were no commercials asking for money.
The 2nd set was high energy and mostly their compositions.  They play outside the lines, know how to flow or jerk from one song into the next.  Their instrumentals are fun and acoustic based.  The sound was well dialed in and I found nothing to lament or complain about other than the desire for one more set.
Turned 66 today.  Wow!  It’s a long strange trip from “don’t trust anyone over 30.”  
Gloria, thank you for the best years of my life and the better ones to follow!

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