Sunday, March 16, 2014

16 March 2014 Bad server no tip

Cassi Creek:  rainy, chilly, power loss this morning. 
Windows live mail has been a problem for the past few days.  I can download e-mail but seem to be unable to forward it or reply to it.  I also seem to be unable to simply send e-mail. 
          I’ve been fighting this problem since I discovered that it exists.  That happened about 14 March.  Since then, I’ve reviewed account settings, reset every thing that could be reset to my previous parameters, and finally ran a system restore, hoping to jog the program’s brain.  As of yet, no joy.

          Dinner at Main St Pizza.  Birthday party for a friend – 16 people attending, The restaurant lost the reservation and was not staffed for that sized group.  It was straightend out and we all enjoyed the evening.

The restaurant staff was tipped for their service – the Comcast server is still misbehaving and gets no tip.

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