Monday, March 3, 2014

3 March 2014  From a hooch to the hobo jungle
Cassi Creek:   Actually, that should read “from a foxhole…”

          The NY Times article reinforces the existence of a class war being waged in the U.S.  The Harvard, Yale, Stanford, admission slots don’t usually go to the sons and daughters of blue collar workers. 

Meanwhile, in the underbelly of eastern Europe:
In Crimea, more Russian troops arrived, surrounding military posts and other facilities and taking effective control of the peninsula from Ukrainian authorities. What they planned to do next remained unclear. In one ominous incident, a Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman said the commander of Russia's Black Sea fleet boarded a blocked Ukrainian warship and issued a threat.
"Swear allegiance to the new Crimean authorities, or surrender, or face an attack," he said, according to the spokesman, Vladislav Selezne”

Lacking the nuclear weapons once deployed by the USSR in Ukraine, it very unlikely that the blatant seizure of the Crimean peninsula can be reversed by force of arms.  The Russian military still wields a very big stick. 

          There is, of course, a sizeable demand coming from the GOP for the Obama administration to intervene and repel the Russian forces.  These demands are yet another demonstration of the lack of connection between the GOP and the real world.  We lack the military manpower to replay the Cold War.  Nor should we attempt to enforce a military response using our troops or NATO’s.

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