Saturday, March 29, 2014

29 March 2014 Hazy, gray, not underway

Cassi Creek:  The forecast is for rain, possibly thunderstorms, and nearly freezing temperatures tonight.  Tomorrow, cooler than today, falling below freezing in the evening. 
          We both slept in this morning.  It’s hard to plan the day as we don’t know whether we are dining out in a group or not.  Since I’m not planning dinner, it will be essential at some point in the afternoon that we make some decision. 
          The landscaping project is well underway and the preliminary results are quite impressive.  Of course, we now have a large debris pile in the area we refer to as the pit, that has exceeded the amount of debris we had hoped to be able to burn for disposal.  Burning might also beat back some of the Japanese Knot Weed that we struggle to eliminate.  The risk of wild fire has to be considered.  We may simply label it as compost in training.

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