Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 March 2014 Those Russian uniforms just fell out of the sky

Cassi Creek:  Up at 0500 this morning in order to make an 0800 dermatology appointment.  Made it there on time, only to be told my appointment was at 1000. 
          I was subjected to nearly two hours of Fox News in the waiting area.  Fortunately, my Fox BS vaccination seems to still be functional.  Incredible that anyone who can pour water out of a boot can believe the crap they pretend is news. 
          Those who believe Fox News fail to see how the GOP and teavangelists are calling for military action in Ukraine while attacking the administration for not having pulled our troops out of Afghanistan.  Perhaps they think a U.S. force should be dropped into Ukraine to push the Russians out of the Crimean peninsula.  We can’t afford to take care of the veterans from our previous and current was but the GOP is prying the doors of Mars temple ever more widely open. 
          This region of Europe is not a good place to invade.  The geology, topography, and climate defeated Bonaparte and Hitler.  Our tanks are no better in deep mud than were Hitler’s, our troops no better able to march and fight in foul weather of spring or winter. 
          The GOP claims Putin is lying about neo-Nazis in Ukraine.  Put may be lying about many things.  Ukraine gleefully jumped at the chance to play its own role in the Holocaust.  The good Ukrainians need very little encouragement to round up their neighbors for execution.  I don’t see any reason to believe that the culture has changed. 
          Putin can have Crimea.  We lack the ability to oppose him militarily. 

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