Thursday, March 13, 2014

13 March 2014 Froze right to the bone

Cassi Creek:  While the low temperature this morning was 27 °F, the wind chill made that seem nearly tropical. 
          By the time Loki and I left for the hike with Mike, there was no steady wind, just gusts that quickly found every weak point in insulation and wind blocking.  I normally wear a knit cap that pairs wool with polyester.  Most days, it is almost too warm.  This morning’s wind tore through its protective nature like a hot knife through butter.  I’d debated wearing my Mad Bomber rabbit fur hat, and finally decided not to wear it.  Big mistake. 
          We should gain only about 10 °F during the day.  The high mountains to our south are snow covered down to about 3000 feet of elevation.  Fortunately, we missed the frozen precipitation that threatened us. 
          The wind is still strong enough, at 1120, to moan and whistle through the wires.  That puts the wind speed at about 15-20 knots.  “high lonesome,” indeed!

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