Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 March 2014 No weather, not here

Cassi Creek:  The weather, outside, is sloppy, dreary, unpleasant.
          But inside there is not reason to believe that those conditions  truly exist. 
The weather station that has dutifly endured heat, cold, snow, hail, rain, and wind is struggling to remain of any purpose.  The external feeds are failing a bit more each day. 
          Today,, the outside temperature has been holding steady at 0.5 °F.  Local reports from other stations suggest that 31-37 may be much more accurate. 
          Likewise, the rain gauge has not registered a drop of water all month.  The wind seems to rarely blow at this location. 
          I’ve recorded local weather data at 15 minute intervals for years.  This station was put into service in 2009.  Five years exceeds the warrantee by four years.  Time to start looking for its replacement.

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