Wednesday, March 19, 2014

19 March 2014 wind, no rain

Cassi Creek:  Work is well underway on the pool landscaping project.  We are quite pleased at the amount and quality of work over the last two days. 
          We’ve been invite to share dinner with the company’s owner and his family at a local Mexican restaurant owned by members of his family.  This could be a truly memorable meal.  We’ve dined there several times and always enjoyed the food. 
I’m looking forward to the meal. 
          I’m sufficiently bored, now, with the endless repetition of unconfirmed and supposition by every consultant and former something who can be squeezed onto a television set.  Find the plane, find the bodies, and remember that there is a huge world outside the fuselage of one Malaysian Air 777.  I am sorry for the victims and their families.  I’m angry about what is probably a high jacking and multiple murders.  But it is time for some of the 24 hour news cycle to revert back to the inanities that usually occupy broadcast programming

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