Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Tell you where the four winds dwell


Cassi Creek:  Today is warm, partly cloudy, and another step closer to the point of no return, when global climate change proves that we are not going to like the effects of rising sea levels, oceanic warming and current shifts, and widespread drought with crop failures.
          The number, intensity, and frequency of severe storms is expected to increase worldwide.  We are already logging an increase in tornadic storms occurring in locations that have rarely, if ever, seen them. 
          California’s current drought is going to demonstrate that overpopulation will generate demands on the sources of water available that will not support combined demands for industry, agriculture, and drinking.  We’ve allowed ourselves to forget that the western half of North America is technically a desert.  Irrigation farming on desert lands is depleting the aquifers of much of the Mississippi Valley. 

          The GOP/teavangelists continue to trumpet their disbelief that climate change, driven partially by human presence on the planet, is taking place.  Their refusal to acknowledge science-based conclusions that contest with their religious indoctrination is not only making us look ridiculous in the eyes of the developed nations, it is pushing us into global disaster at a dangerous rate.

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