Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 April 2014 Before there was Jello

Cassi Creek: 
There is a lot of grief in today’s news.  The SCOTUS has just lifted any cap on political contributions by individuals. That, tied to the fiction that corporations are human and individuals, pretty much does away with our democratic republic.  Just a matter of time.   

The news out of Fort Hood is disturbing.  The 2nd amendment fanatics are already trumpeting, “If they’d been armed…”  The military has long known that people who have immediate access to firearms will often turn to them as means of settling scores, real or imagined.  Troops are issued weapons but those weapons are secured and locked away until there is an operational need for them. 
          The increasing incidence of PTSD and other mental disorders affecting our troops and veterans is going to lead to a higher incidence of gun violence on and off post.
          We have to find mechanisms to improve mental health care for our armed forces and to limit access to firearms by mentally unstable individuals.

          In an effort to offset the heavy and unwelcome items mentioned above, I offer a bit of historical comedy by one of our best comedians, actors, and social commentators.  Enjoy!

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