Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 April 2014 Weather station rev 4

Cassi Creek :  the latest pws hardware arrived today.  The challenge, now, is to bring it into operation while selecting the best possible location that allows a line of sight wireless data collection.
          I’ve uploaded data to Weather Underground for the last five years.  This hardware is intended to upload to “acu-write.”  Supposedly, there is a work around that will allow me to continue as before. 
          I’m hoping that I can utilize the current station’s mounting pole as a means of attaching and mounting the new hardware.  The aluminum upright that holds the current hardware has developed a decided bend in the middle.  I may be able to remove a bit of that. 
          Gloria is happily planting flowers and vegetables in the new beds that border the pool and other areas that were developed by the landscapers.
          Tomorrow I’ll begin bringing up the new station.

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