Monday, April 28, 2014

28 April 2014 Hear the wind blow

Cassi Creek:  three years ago we were sitting here in the heat and humidity, happy that we had been fortunate to be missed by the tornadoes that ripped a path just to our north.  We could hear them but could not see them in the thunder storm that spawned and directed them. 
          The NWS Severe Storms Prediction center publishes convection forecasts that indicate the degree of risk and the location of risk for severe storms.  Most of the time we are lucky to be on the outside edge of the more serious storms.  Today, tornado watch 110 has us right in the middle of the box. 
          The high temperature today has been around 87°F.  The muggy, oppressive feeling that we associate with tornadic storms has been evident.  We’re about to see the first wave of storms roll in. 

          The forecast also calls for high winds, hail, and heavy rains producing flash flooding.  Spring is definitely here. 

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