Tuesday, May 6, 2014

6 May 2014 Shake shuffle and slice

Cassi Creek:  after a long delay mostly due to some serious fatigue and a desire to actually say something of significant value, I take pen in hand once more.
          It’s called literary license.  Did we fail to listen in high school English?  Of course we did.  Well, most of us did not listen.
          Into VA today for neurology follow-up.  0800 appointment, requiring me to roll out at 0500 to make check in time.  The parking lot dance was not too bad this morning and I made check in with 10 minutes of window remaining.  The LPN for the Neuro OP clinic did her bit, vitals, within two minutes of the time I sat down in Neuro OP waiting.  Then there was no action until 0920.  Today was Neuro grand rounds.  So my early appointment generated a long hold time but I was still the first patient to be seen by a neuro resident this morning. 
          Naturally, my tremor was fairly well controlled this morning and I was able to walk without shuffling.  They were both quite pronounced about 0500, the trough level for the dopamine meds I take.
          Tomorrow, we send the generator out for overhaul.  It has been unnecessary since 2011.  I’m fine with that lack of need.  But it does need some replacement parts.  It will be accompanied by the riding mower.  That valiant tool encountered some sort of rock or other frost-heaved obstacle last weekend.  It will run no more until it is seen by a small engine mechanic. 
          The generator may take some time to find and obtain parts.  It was manufactured in China.  The mower probably was as well but the label, at least, indicates U.S. manufacture. 
          Burgers to grill tonight.  Prep is done  for dinner.  Last Saturday I managed to slice one finger and one thumb while slicing garlic.  The unwanted protein was extremely thin and not even deep enough to bleed.  But that is decidedly a warning about future days in the kitchen.

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