Monday, April 21, 2014

21 April 2014 Shorten it up in back and trim the sides

Cassi Creek:  Spring is fully engaged in this region.  Pollen coats most surfaces and fills the air.  Allergies are causing discomfort for many residents.  You can hear the sniffing every where you go.
          The riding mower needs a new battery in order to be used.  I’ll get that this week.  The walk behind mower is functional.  The string trimmer, now 5 years old, has steadfastly refused to start.  I’ve fed it fresh gasoline/oil, cleaned its spark plug, and exercised its recoil starter dutifully.  The trimmer, a heavy-duty model purchased to attack Japanese knotweed, has sneered at me for the better part of a week. 
          Yesterday I bought two gallons of new gasoline and prepped yet another fuel mix for the trimmer’s two-cycle motor.  Pulling the starter cord until both shoulders were non-functional, left me annoyed and hurting.  I left the trimmer outside last night, thinking that I would take it in for service today or tomorrow. 
          Google searches and phone calls led to the sad realization that the dealers for that brand have quit the area.  There is one dealer listed at a close enough proximity to consider using.  They were not answering their phone. 
          There are several back yard small engine shops in the vicinity.  None of them are factory stores.  That means that any and all parts will have to be ordered when and if someone gets around to it.  The local repair companies have not been particularly awe inspiring.  The last parts I ordered from a warrantee shop took 3 weeks to arrive.  Compounding that delay, they were not the correct parts. 

          This morning, I decided to visit futility once more.  After ten or twelve pulls, the engine coughed, caught, and then died.  More pulls > more coughs > more engine noise > shutdown.  And finally, the engine caught and continued to growl, sputter, and work.  I trimmed a bit of green stuff and stopped the engine.  Tomorrow I will undertake the necessary trimming.   

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