Friday, April 25, 2014

24 April 2014 Up the long ladders and down the steep slopes!

Cassi Creek:  Warm, dry, and lacking in Sherpas

Hillary must be spinning about now.  Once upon a time, climbers actually carried some of their own gear, found and forced their own routes, and regarded Sherpas as climbing partners rather than beasts of burden and delivery services. 

There are plenty more minimum wage workers where the last batch came from. 

25 April 2014  Still down the steep slopes 

When will we ever learn?  over-sized implants do not increase intelligence or protect from idiocy

Hike with Mike began as walk in the rain.  The day promises to be wet and windy.  Need to have the Pathfinder lubed and oiled.  Also need new wipers.  The driver’s side wiper is horribly ineffective, leaving an obscured visual field. 
          The rain let up about ¼ of the way through the hike.  Instead of drizzle, I spent the morning listening to drivel about it being illegal for the U.S. government to own land.  I guess those “all powerful states” just popped into existence, fully formed, bordered, and populated after the various land purchases and annexations. 

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