Monday, July 9, 2012

9 July 2012 Should Congress Repeal the affordable health Act

Editor, in response to your “As We See It (9 July2012)

          Congress is elected to serve the needs of the nation and its citizens.  There is no mention, in the Constitution the GOP and teavangelists claim to guard so fiercely, of Congress serving corporations or political parties.
          Congressman Roe warns of a health care delivery system controlled by government bureaucrats.  He should be warning about a delivery system controlled by insurance company bureaucrats who exist only to delay and deny the medical care that the corporations’ customers have already paid for in premiums. 
          If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that there is no free health care.  We, all of us who can scrape up the cash, pay premiums for health insurance in one form or another.  I would much rather that my premiums be paid to our government, for my care and that of other citizens, than to a corporation that will then pay it in the form of a bonus to corporate executives rather than use it to provide medical care for the people insured by that corporation.  Unlike many people, I’m not so afraid that some of my tax payments may actually be used to benefit those in worse financial status than me that I will believe the lies spread by the GOP and teavangelists, and therefore vote against my own interests and those of actual persons rather than corporate persons.
          Congress, the GOP”/teavangelists, will now demonstrate their incredible lack of concern for the nation’s well being.  By wasting yet another day of time that might have been spent dealing with the off shoring of jobs, the House will demonstrate their utter lack of concern for the voters.  By repeating a futile gesture, the GOP/teavangelist will demonstrate again that they are willing to destroy the nation’s economy and wreck the lives of countless Americans in yet another gesture of their hatred of President Obama.
          This Congress is worthless.  It has served as an indicator of bigotry, hatred, and corruption.  It should abandon any more attempts to repeal the affordable health care act.  It should impeach the GOP/teavangelist leaders who have made this House such a farce. No member of the House who takes part in this chicanery deserves to be re-elected or paid for his or her current Term of “service.”
James S. Lenon

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