Friday, July 6, 2012

6 July 2012 Feels like Friday

          We were quite fortunate yesterday. A squall line blew through here in the late afternoon.  Johnson City had trees and power lines down.  The 30-mile an hour gust that rattled our cage treated the pool solar blanket like a sale.  It filled it with wind and then picked up the 24-foot blanket roller and dumped it, with the solar blanket, into the pool.  It also blew leaves and detritus into the pool.
           In the Smokey Mountain NP, two people were killed.  8 others were injured.  As I said, we were lucky.
          I was watching the squall line on radar and saw two tornado signatures at the approximate wrong time and place.  The damage is being reported, today, as “consistent with 70 knot winds.  As I said, we were lucky.
          My guitar has been sitting in its hard-shell case, calling for attention.  I finally broke down on the 4th and let it out to breathe.  “After all, I probably have enough muscle memory and strength to generate something approaching music.” And the truth is that I’ve put it away for some long periods previously and picked it up again with no more difficulty than forming new calluses.   Ten minutes of hope quickly informed me that TANSTAAFL was the operative clause in this fiasco.  The muscle strength and memory that do surface are just pitiable remnants of what I had and what I need. 
          I’m tempted to write one of these entries without a follow-up or assist from Spell Check.  The number of left hand errors and problems would be highly demonstrative of what scares me.  Yes, scares me.  That’s why I probably won’t write such an entry.  

Shabbat Shalom!

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