Sunday, July 8, 2012

8 July 2012 We’re not voting for a CEO

          Government, despite the protestations of the GOP and countless corporate robber barons, is not a business.  Government is a collection of services and functions performed for the benefit of the citizens of a nation.  Those include, but are not limited to, defense, education, social safety nets, a postal service, safety inspections of food, water, transportation and shipping services, public safety, and others.  Many of these services are too expensive for corporations to under write.  Many do not provide sufficient revenue, if any, for corporations to become interested in providing. 
          Some, by their nature, should never be entrusted to corporations.  Fire, police, medical, ambulance, and food/water safety offer too many opportunities for abuse of service recipients.  Public safety should never be provided on a pay for coverage basis.  We have already documented instances in the United States in which houses were allowed to burn because no service contract with a local service provider was in effect. 
          Government, as we know it, has many flaws.  However, our government does not intentionally close corporations followed by off shoring jobs.  Our government does not hide quality assurance reports and then allow unsafe food into the markets in order to save money. Our government does not provide bonuses to CEO’s for sending jobs overseas while lying about foreign nationals “stealing American jobs.” 
          I will never vote to elect someone who thinks government is a business at any level. 

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