Saturday, July 21, 2012

21 July 2012 The NRA wants you to believe

          President Obama wants to confiscate all privately owned firearms in the U.S. 
          Thousands of inner city citizens of minority ethnicity are mobilizing to pour out of the cities to plunder, pillage, and rape citizens newly deprived of their personal weapons.
          If every citizen were armed with a handgun, there would be no crimes against people, such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.
          In a room full of handgun owner, those owners would be able to select the single criminal and instantly target and kill him with no harm occurring to innocent bystanders. 
          In that same room, gun owners who never practice, or who practice too little, will all magically be transformed into expert marksmen capable of tack-driving accuracy. 
          The various militias and pretend soldiers scattered throughout the nation will be able to take up their private weapons and thus prevent the current government from becoming a tyrannical government by opposing the full might and power of the. S. Armed Forces. 
          Jesus wants you to help him win the war on Christianity by supporting the NRA with time and money.
          Everyone who can afford to pay the taxes on them should be able to purchase fully automatic firearms. 
          Legislators who oppose the NRA’s political agenda should be voted out of office.
          If President Obama is re-elected, he will issue an executive order seizing all privately owned firearms in the United States.
          Sound improbable? Sound like propaganda?  Sound like something only poorly educated people would believe?  You’re right.
          The NRA doesn’t really know what Jesus wants you to do.  But they’re willing to take contributions for him. I pulled that line out of thin air.  The rest of it is being spread about by people who can’t distinguish Fox News from pure fiction.    If you recognize the political danger here, please be sure to vote against any GOP/teavangelist on the ballot this fall.

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