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31 August 12 Push the right buttons for all the wrong reasons

Cassi Creek:  This entry begins my involvement with Google Documents and on-line storage of data.  I’ve used some form of Word for word processing since I made the jump from DOS operating systems to Windows OS.  While I’ve never really used the macro capabilities and short cuts that a truly adept Word user may make use of; I’m familiar with many of them and may well find myself struggling to apply the formatting codes that I have made second nature.


Romney aide loses cool, curses at press in Poland

Posted by
CNN National Political Correspondent Jim Acosta

NYT: "We haven't had another chance to ask a question..."

“Gorka: "Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect."

“Moments later, Gorka told Jonathan Martin, a reporter for Politico, to "shove it." About a “half-hour later, the aide called reporters to apologize.
Gorka's comments to the media came just hours before Romney's foreign policy speech in Warsaw”

Cassi Creek:  Day two Google Docs.  I have the option of editing and correcting errors before I impale myself upon them.  However, for former Governor Romney, Europe is becoming an unfriendly place to be.  After demonstrating his apparent lack of belief in the British ability to hosts the Olympics, he left England under a cloud of British contempt.  When a nation ruled by a queen regards him as anachronistic and out of touch with the modern world, it does not cast him in a favorable light.

Romney’s trip to Israel also went poorly.  In a monumental lack of awareness, he managed to insult every would-be-Palestinian in the Middle East, as well as denigrating Islam in a public fashion.  In front of a pool of high dollar ultra-wealthy Jewish backers, he made a pitch for money.  while doing so, he demonstrated the very picture of racism that has plagued Jews for millennia and that led to the Holocaust and the creation of Israel along with the problems resulting from its statehood.    While there are cultural differences between Israelis and Palestinians, the failure to create a valid Palestine rests upon a series of bad leaders combined with the collective use of would-be-Palestinians as cannon fodder willing to scapegoat the Israelis by the autocratic Arab nations’ rulers, rather than a “cultural defect” such as Romney trotted out.  That comment sounded as if it would be very much at home in Nazi Germany or in Poland and Ukraine during the Holocaust.  Someone should proof Romney’s speeches.  He also praised the Israeli health system.  Apparently no one on his staff realizes that Israel  has a national health program.  
In Poland he managed to insult trade unionism, not recalling that it was the trade unions that led the Polish part of the Warsaw Pact breakup.  He wound up in a position that required he praise the trade unions while his supporters among the teavangelists believe that unions are instruments of the devil.
It also helps his image when his campaign staff  behave like asses and attack the media.  

I find no reason to support Romney for any political office.  He is trying to revise history so as to make his candidacy more acceptable to the extreme right that now controls the GOP/teavangelists.  If he continues to insult other nations and to confuse his base voters with a revised history, the Democrats may be able to shift the opinions of enough independents that the GO:P/teavangelist lie machine will become less effective.  In that failure, hope resides.

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