Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 July 2012 Pseudo-patriotism. Texas, and the Teavangelist Inquisition

Cassi Creek:  Today we acknowledge the 236th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  That document set us squarely in revolt against Great Britain, and documented the treasonous actions of the men who demonstrated an enlightened courage focused upon a nation that might never be.
          In the course of events, they led the foundation of a nation that became a focal point of personal opportunity and personal freedom.  Millions of immigrants left the monarchies and oligarchies of Europe, Asia, and South America to escape the forced membership in the various churches and other religious  structures that were intertwined with politics by virtue of obligatory loyalty pledges. 
          It needs to be stressed that the current form of the “Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag” was not formalized until the Knights of Columbus insisted upon its inclusion, as a magical anti-communist mantra in 1952, approved by a Congress with no real idea of what patriotism actually entails in 1954.   Therefore, the “Pledge” I learned to recite from memory before beginning elementary school is not “The Pledge” that millions recite at PTA events and athletic completions from east to west across the nation.  Missing from my “pledge,” and appropriately so, is the mention of a mytholical deity that is believe by some to favor this nation in battle, commerce, and other affairs of little or no consequence.
          The institutionalized tortures, murders, and land thefts of the Inquisition were used by the Roman Catholic Church against Catholics, Protestants, and Jews across Western Europe.  The Orthodox Catholic Churches of Eastern Europe took the freedom and lies of countless Jews and Muslims.  A steady stream of immigrants escaping religious persecution and hoping for a chance to escape poverty landed upon this nation’s shores.  When they learned and recited “the Pledge,: they were honest in their accented recitations.  They had developed a loyalty to the nation by holding their new nation to its promise to immigrants. 

Unfortunately, stupidity and bigotry made the trip to the United States.  The GOP platform for the 2012 election reads like something that might have been penned by someone organizing a Crusade or a Pogrom.  The article bears careful reading, and should be shared by everyone who reads it. 
          Texas teavangelists are determined to remove intelligent thought from the state.  They managed a school board textbook takeover that is an Orwellian masterpiece.  The Spanish Inquisition is officially ended. The Texas Inquisition is just beginning.  The goal is to obliterate every shred of evidence that the Enlightenment happened.  The laws of physics, chemistry, and other disciplines of science are to be buried under the reeking remnants of yet another monkey trial and the demise of intellect as an end goal of what was once education.  It will teach magical intervention instead of science.  It will simply write out f history those founders who ignored the demand for a state church, and will find  ways to eliminate the presence of people who have the wrong skin shade or who pray incorrectly, from the voter and job roles of Texas. 
“The Texas Republican party platform is a target rich environment for crazy.  The word “repeal” is used thirty-one times … this document shows more of what they’re against than what they’re for frankly.  To say their platform is “terrifying” is simply an accurate statement.  Here’s just a taste:
Repeal the Voting Rights Act.  Repeal the minimum wage.  Repeal classes that focus on critical thinking skills (slightly walked back).  Abstinence only education.  Teaching based on God.  Texas policy regarding Israel is “God’s biblical promise”.  Pornography should be illegal.  Go back to the gold standard.  Eliminate Social Security.  Doctors should be forced to inform women of how damaging abortion is to them (hint, hint).  Welfare destroys families.  Spend less on education.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus warned us that “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!”  We had better expect the Teavangelist Inquisition!  The 2012 GOP platform is all the warning we need. 


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