Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 July 2012 Hotter than a teavangelist conspiracy theory

“This figure shows how average temperatures in the lower 48 states have changed since 1901. Surface data come from land-based weather stations, while satellite measurements cover the lower troposphere, which is the lowest level of the Earth's atmosphere. "UAH" and "RSS" represent two different methods of analyzing the original satellite measurements. This graph uses the 1901 to 2000 average as a baseline for depicting change. Choosing a different baseline period would not change the shape of the trend.

Cassi Creek:  I opened the local newspaper this morning and sat down to a breakfast of local letters to the editor.  There’s enough idiocy evident in that section of the paper to cause one to wonder if funds designated for public education would be better spent to another purpose. 
          There was a letter claiming that the Supreme Court is not responsible, under the Constitution, for determining the constitutionality of laws.  Obviously the writer dozed through junior high school civics classes or simply did not attend those classes. 
          Another writer equates the SCOTUS affordable care decision with the downfall of these United States because the government may now “take away all our freedoms by making us do whatever government chooses.”  Yes, thanks to requiring people to purchase health insurance, we can now be told what to say, what to eat, and what to study, and where to go.  Another conspiracy theory bred in the failure to read the textbooks for Civics. 
          The final letter was the standard list of lies, fabrications, hidden lab findings and buried inconclusive data that is supposed to prove that climactic change is a manufactured crisis intended to hand over vast sums of money to researchers  and NASA conspirators – the same people who “falsified the moon landings.” 
          It is a wonderful world out there among the conspiracy theorists.  I can hardly wait for the latest videos of Elvis to surface. 


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