Friday, July 27, 2012

27 July 2012 Bytes and pieces

Cassi Creek:  Beginning yesterday, finishing today, sharp implements were applied to the various sorts of foliage that provide our green walls and carpet.  Gloria provided a lot of help, trimming and cutting back those areas where a mower is simply not the proper too.   She derives some enjoyment from her flowers, food plants, and herbs.  Other than enjoying the herbs she provides for the kitchen, yard work and gardening are merely chores for me. 
          Still, with her help and without the promised thunderstorms arriving before noon, we managed to get about 95% of the yard beaten back into submission.  The firing lane is cleared and is now safe for shooting practice.  The rest of the yard, other than the edges of the ditch/old creek bed along the road, looks presentable. 
          About 1400 the day’s first thunderstorms rolled over the western valley wall and put Loki into full storm mode.  She’s currently lying by my desk, watching a squirrel feeding from the platform feeder.  Normally, a squirrel on that platform generates a torrent of barks, mutters, and whines as she jumps at the sliding door and demands to be let out to chase the squirrel(s).  I believe that if I opened the door for her she would remain inside. 
          Last night, Gloria and I drove into Jonesborough to take part in a Contra dance activity.  About 20 people, 50 and over, Staged a simulated dance to be used in a Medicare advantage insurance recruiting TV commercial.  I dislike the Medicare advantage plans; they cost the government more than they should.  The insurance companies pad the policies with gym memberships and other such throw away items, then they charge Medicare more than the plan is worth.  The ability to do this is another lobbyist – written law.   If the plans fail to generate enough profit, the companies have been known to pack up and leave the consumer with no plan and often no physician. 
          I said nothing last night.  The event was planned by others and will result in the dance society having all expenses for one dance met by the advertiser.  That’s a good thing.
          Fortunately, we finished taping in time to order food from The Dining Room to bring home for dinner.  I want their recipe for black beans and rice. 
Shabbat Shalom!

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