Thursday, February 9, 2012

9 February 2012 steaming dog, putty in my hands, will work for biscuits

The GOP scrambles for a bogeyman
By Harold MeyersonPublished: February 8
“Twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, one thing is increasingly clear: Boy, do the Republicans miss communism…”
For those of us who grew up in the days when we were encouraged to check under our beds each night for “Reds”, that single sentence rings loudly true and covers much more ground than younger people can ever imagine.    In those not so distant days J Edgar Hoover’s “Masters of Deceit” was required reading in those school districts that liked Ike and Nixon.  The Boy Scouts, admittedly a para-military organization in those days before fear of litigation transformed the program into a competition for membership numbers, showcasing adolescent males in uniforms designed by an Italian fashion house, were encouraged to spy upon their families and neighbors in order to detect communist spies. 
          The GOP was in tall cotton, blacklisting musician and folk-singers, investigating “un-American activities.”  They added “God” to every document and desk that didn’t escape or evade faster than the worshipers of the senile Saint Ronnie could stick his name onto ever-public edifice in the late 80s.  The John Birch Society spearheaded all sorts of idiocy, demanding we leave the United Nations; cheerleading client state wars with Soviet proxies like Gingrich, Palin, and the teavangelists are trying to start new ground wars in Iran and Syria.  And of course, those wars, if we buy into them, will be fought by the poor.  Never knew war was a social safety net?  You do now!

Cassi Creek:
          Today began at 0500 and a drive into Mountain Home VA Hospital for an Occupational Therapy consult.  The therapist took lots of measurements and agreed with me that I have lost range of motion, grip strength, and dexterity.  She sent me home with a book of exercises, a high-resistance sponge, and some medium resistance putty to use in those exercises.  She is also ordering two resistance devices that may be of help. 
          We bathed Loki this morning.  It took both of us to encourage and shepherd her into the bathtub.  The last time the three of us occupied that space we were hearing tornadoes roar by.  Loki tolerated the process, shook to dry, and promptly laid down by the wood stove to steam the afternoon away.
          I had no breakfast this morning as I thought I might buy some sort of country breakfast at VA.  When I looked at the serving line, it didn’t look that appealing.  I enjoy buttermilk biscuits but I think I’ll have to buy some to have on hand at home.  I don’t want fast food biscuits.  Only the finest biscuits will do.
          VA, I believe, is granting my compensation request for PTSD.  I’ll have to appeal the hearing loss claim.  I’ll be keeping an anxious eye on the mailbox. 
“Guilt by association was so much simpler when the association, or alleged association, was with communists. In their absence, Republicans have had to grow more ridiculous. They’ve been up to the challenge.”

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