Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 February 2012 “Someone will set the spark off… and we will all be blown away

America’s red lines in the sand on Iran
By Richard CohenPublished: February 6
            “There are three red lines when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program. The first is the moment when Iran tunnels so deeply underground that Israeli bombs will be incapable of doing real damage. The second is when the tunneling goes even deeper, and the United States’ “bunker buster” bombs will be insufficient. And the third — well, that has already passed. It is the conviction that the current Iranian regime will never let Israel live in peace.”
Cassi Creek:
          I find myself wondering how much collusion there is between D.C. and Jerusalem over the Iranian nuclear program.  Israel has the greater risk and will suffer more proportionately in the event of an Iranian attack.  The U.S has the greater target exposure and might well sustain multiple attacks with nuclear weapons.  Both nations are correct to be worried about the risk of Iranian bombs.  Cohen points out the increasing danger in waiting for Iran to behave as a reasonable western power.   They’re never going to be a reasonable western power.
          Is it worth waiting for Iran to shoot first?   While it may be possible to delay their nuclear weapons program by means of air attacks, airpower can’t change their intent or their malevolence.  There will be no moral high ground in allowing our nations to be attacked before striking.  Iraq’s invasion was not justified.  Bombing Iran’s nuclear weapons program may be.
          In the end game, if we destroy their production line and enrichment plants, there is absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from buying nuclear weapons from Pakistan or North Korea. 

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