Friday, February 3, 2012

3 February 2012 Home before daylight

          The night delivered two more hours of sleep than was granted the night before.  The afternoon was consumed by odds and ends.  I cleaned out the stove and laid a new fire to, hopefully, ignite and burn with the application of one match.   Carried in firewood.  Fixed an elegant dinner – hotdogs and beans, eventually dragged Loki, and fell into a most welcome sleep. 
          Today included a hike with Mike.  We need t coordinate our VA appointments; we’re missing some exercise walks.  Traffic today was better than yesterday’s.  Fewer idiots driving without brakes, cleaned windscreens, and valid drivers’ licenses.  The number of people charged with driving with a revoked or suspended license gives one pause.  It is safe to assume that the majority of those revocations are due to habitual collection of DUI arrests. 
          The menu tonight calls for salad and pizza. 
Shabbat Shalom 

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