Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 February 2012 Leap for safety and hope for a soft landing

            When the alarm sounded at its preset 0500, Loki was already pacing from room to room in her weather-alert manner.  The sky was overcast and fitful winds were blowing off the ridges.  The radar at that time displayed a cluster of thunderstorms to our northwest.  By the time I pulled into VA’s lots at 0805 rain was beginning to fall from dark, gloomy clouds. 
            The scheduled NP appointment was little more than a review of meds and other options such as classes available to vets with PTSD to help them recognize trigger situations, and to formulate methods to deal with them.  I’ll be seeing a new psychiatrist next time as this physician’s contract period has expired.  I took the opportunity to thank her for her help obtaining the increased disability rating. 
            I was quite pleasantly surprised when she told me that she had looked up my last letter to the Johnson City Press, the one that irritated Roe enough to call me.  It’s always nice to hear someone say that something I’ve written is well done.  Combined with the memory of the intended irritation of a teavangelist legislator, it became an even better morning.

            The drive to Auto Solutions went smoothly.  At 1000, I find myself perched on a metal folding chair, balancing the notebook on my knees and wishing I had not been so “clever.”  In preparation for leaving early, I grabbed my conical travel coffee mug and filled it with the morning caffeine dose.  For some reason, every time I try to drink from a travel mug I wind up spilling the contents down my shirt.  Do I actually have a drinking problem?
            The A/C on the Pathfinder has a broken pipe that must be ordered in before any other repairs are possible.  I’ve given the OK and we’ll hope that it arrives by Friday.   I’ll take the opportunity to have scheduled maintenance done as well. 
            The skies remain dark, oppressive with the promise of thunderstorms and potentially other, more damaging storms.  The Severe Storms Prediction Center has increased our probability of severe storms from light to moderate; I’m looking for another evening of entrained mesocyclones storms. For, but not Forward.  The storm reports are increasing in frequency.  The Psychiatrist asked me if anything in particular was causing stress.  Spring storm season always pushes the levels way up. 
            I’ll be watching radars tonight and hoping for calmer weather.

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